What are Carbon Offsets?

Carbon offsetting is where consumers pay to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) from the atmosphere. This is usually to counteract or compensate for pollution. This can be on a large scale, with major corporations paying to offset their high industrial emissions, or on a small scale, such as someone wanting to offset their flight across country. Major carbon offset companies are as follows:

- Atmosfair             - DrivingGreen
- CarbonNeutral       - Equiclimate
- Carbon Offsets      - Global Cool
- Climate Care         - MyClimate
- Climate Friendly    - NativeEnergy
- Climate Trust        - Pure
- co2balance

The list above is from the following pdf file published in Ethical Consumer Magazine, May/June 2007:


Most Common Types of Carbon Offsets

- Forestry/Carbon Sequestration - any attempt to capture and store carbon, inorder
  to reduce net CO2 in the atmosphere. 

- Energy efficiency - such as high efficiency light bulbs or washing machines

- Methane Capture - landfill gas is burned and used to generate energy

- Renewable Energy - such as solar, wind or hydro power

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