NGOs/Nonprofits/Special Interest Groups

 USCAP.  This is a coalition of lobbyists consisting of major corporations and environmental groups as members.  Their foci may vary, but their common goal is to lobby the U.S. Government in regards to greenhouse emissions. 

An organization such as the National Urban & Community Forestry Advisory Council plays an advisory role to the U.S. Forest Service and focuses on the sustainability of urban forests throughout the U.S. and their critical role in climate change and carbon sequestration.

Trade organizations such as the American Forest & Paper Association a forest products industry organization, lobbies on all levels – international, national, state and local levels.  This group is also interested in greenhouse emissions, however, as an organization whose members’ livelihoods depend on timber, their position and interest come from a different perspective. Their interests lay in removing the old growth forests in lieu of young growth forests, which, according to some studies, sequester carbon more quickly than old growth.