Connection of Issues

The Issue Crawler program is a web network location and visualization software. It consists of crawlers, that analyze websites for linkages. By looking for the links connecting to other sites, Issue Crawler attempts to showcase the connection that websites have in an issue and the increasing complexity that an issue can have when introduced to the Web.

Below is an analysis of our my topic on Forest Sequestration

Sequestering Carbon has become a very complex topic that has involved people at the local to the international level of government. I originally imputed four websites that I wanted the program to crawl through and find outside links to try and show a connecting in the issues.
       Four Websites:

These four websites are what I put into the network manager to try and find a connection. What I found was that all the links found by the issue crawler were to websites that deal with governance. Policy is the main focus of the websites. Non-Governmental Organizations like the United Nations and Government Agencies like the EPA are the major players in the topic of Forest Sequestration. This is not to say that grass root players and local organizations do not play a part. The problem with Carbon Dioxide is that it has no boundaries. This makes it very hard for a local organization or group to be able to create meaningful change. International cooperation is needed in order to see a positive change the imbalance currently in place. The big players, like the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) or the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are used by governments in order to be able to speak nation to nation.